Loch Haven Hills Home Owners Association

Dues will increase by $3 a month in 2021. The board needed to increase dues because of the rising costs of all of our services and insurance. Our dues are still very low because of volunteer efforts by our members. Starting on Jan 1st 2021 payments will be $18 a month or $216 a year.

Our Community :
Loch Haven Hills is an upscale community located in Hayden, Idaho. There are 347 residences in this community. Neighborhood amenities include two swimming pools, four tennis courts, picnic areas and beautiful walking trails that meander through the community.

Pools :
The two swimming pools operated by Loch Haven Hills Homeowners Association. The hours are from 7:00am to 9:00pm seven days a week, generally from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

There is no lifeguard on duty, so it is necessary for parents to assume full responsibility for the safety of their children in the pools. Keys are required to access the pools. Contact the Association at 771-5776 if you need a key. Do not lend your key to anyone outside your family. The pools are maintained for members and their accompanying guests only.

The pool temperatures are maintained at a recommended level of 83-86 degrees. However, in summer if the weather is hot, the temperatures may drift upward to 87-89 degrees.

Please observe the Rules which are listed below and also posted in each pool.
Loch Haven Hills Home Owners Association Pool Rules
For the Safety and Enjoyment of all, please abide by the following rules:
1. There is no Life Guard on Duty. Swim at your own risk.
2. Swimming alone is not advised.
3. Please shower before entering the pool.
4. Children under 14 years must be accompanied by an adult.
5. Ambulatory infants must wear “Little Swimmer” flotation devices. Infant diapers must be changed and disposed in the restroom.
6. Keep the gate closed and locked at all times.
7. Loud noises or music is prohibited.
8. Activities at the pool must be carried out safely:
a. No running
b. No diving
c. No rough games
d. Careful jumping into the pool is permitted.
9. These objects are prohibited from the pool area:
a. Skateboards
b. Skates
c. Rollerblades
d. Bicycles
e. Glass or styrofoam containers
f. Balloons
g. Pets
h. Food
i. Alcoholic beverages
j. Flotation devices larger than 24” in any dimension. Noodles are OK.
10. No person shall enter the pool area after normal open hours, nor vandalize, damage, deface, or otherwise misuse the pool or its facilities in any manner.
11. The pool facilities are provided for members and their guests only. Do not abuse the “guest” rule. Your family’s key must not be given to any other person.

Thank you for your cooperation in making our pools safe and fun!

Tennis Courts :
Go check out the new surface at both courts! New pickleball lines were added to the upper and lower courts. If you would like more information on pickleball please contact Roger Liermann at virtualrog@yahoo.com Roger is willing to give some instructions and set up practice times to interested HOA members.

The two tennis courts at each of the swimming pools are open to all members for tennis at any daylight hours on first come basis. The same key that opens the pools during scheduled open hours will also open the tennis court gates. Courts are not to be used for bicycles, skateboards or any other purpose than tennis or pickleball.

Trails :
The trail system represents a popular form of recreation for many members. With the addition of the new Forest Trail, even more opportunities are available for hiking or bicycling for daily exercise. For the enjoyment of all, it is imperative that users help to keep the trails neat by picking up after their pets and policing the grounds for trash. Disposable doggie bag dispensers are provided in key locations along the trails. Please use them and take them home with you for disposal.

To access the pools and tennis courts your key from last year will work this year 2021.

The pools will close the day after Labor day in September.

If you do not have an old key to exchange you may purchase a new key for $50. Only one key per household will be active. This can be done at Country Lock and Key in Hayden across from City Hall.

You own your key. There are no deposits or refunds for keys. If you sell your home you can sell your key to the new owner for $50.

County Lock and Key
91 W. Commerce Drive
Hayden, ID. 83835

Our address:

Loch Haven Hills HOA
PO Box 2137
Hayden, Idaho 83835

Contact phone number will be (208) 771-5776 ask for Darlene Cherry.

Email: Admin@lochhavenhills.net