Loch Haven Hills Home Owners Association

The Board of Directors are volunteers serving their community and their neighbors. They donate their time and talent to make our community a better place to live.

Board of Directors:

Mary Clausen , Matthew Hall, Greg Tourtlotte,

Jim Lemm, Tom Freeman

MONTHLY BOARD MEETINGS: Homeowners who may have issues or concerns that they want to put before the Board of Directors are encouraged to either send an email or write a letter to our management company. The management company will share letters with the Board at the next scheduled monthly meeting. After the Board reviews the email/letter from the Homeowner a response, a call and/or a letter will be provided to the Homeowner addressing those issues/ concerns. Unless otherwise noted, Meetings of the board of directors are to be held on the third Wednesday of the month at the Holiday Inn Express board room in Hayden at 700 AM unless otherwise noticed.  Cancellations will be posted on the main web page in the top banner. 

ANNUAL MEMBER MEETINGS: Each April the general membership meets to hear reports, discuss issues, and to elect a Board of Directors to manage the Association. That meeting is quite important for all members to attend or provide a proxy. A quorum is required and it creates problems if not enough members are represented. The annual meeting is normally held on the second Tuesday in the month of April. This meeting is also held at the Triple Play Hotel in Hayden at 7:00 PM unless otherwise noticed.