Loch Haven Hills Home Owners Association

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Articles of Incorporation
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Loch Haven Hills HOA Letter 3-17

The Covenants, Conditions, and Regulations for the Association stipulate that an Architectural Control committee be appointed by the Board of Directors. The current Committee is made up of three members who are all residents and owners within the Association. The function of this committee is to review and approve or reject any changes to the appearance of a home. Such changes might include but are not limited to repainting, reroofing, remodeling, adding a shed, replacing or adding a fence, and other similar home improvements. The committee is sympathetic to the needs of members and generally projects are approved in a very short time. Only occasionally when an owner proposes to use inappropriate materials or dramatically change the appearance of his home, does the committee reject an application. Please download and submit the following form to the address or email listed on the form.

Application PDF
Application .DOC

Minutes - Not every month has a meeting so if you see a month missing it is because there was no meeting of the board for that month

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Unless otherwise noted, Meetings of the board of directors are to be held on the third Wednesday of the month at the Triple Play Hotel board room in Hayden. The annual meeting is normally held on the second Tuesday in the month of April. This meeting is also held at the Holiday Inn Express in Hayden.